View of expressway

B. Thayer Associates is providing Landscape Architecture and Arboriculture Services for areas adjacent to 8 bridge locations along the Grand Central Parkway and Clearview Expressway Interchange alignments. Work included the development and completion of a survey of trees and landscape items affected by various proposed engineering design alternatives. Much of the property on both sides of the Parkway is deeded to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. The survey was completed for trees of over 4 inch Diameter at Breast Height, within 20 to 30 feet of the proposed construction for each of 3 engineering design alternatives. The survey included a condition analysis with remarks for whether the tree poses a potential hazard per AASHTO guidance, as well as the assessment of other landscape items such as wall treatments and slope treatments. The completed survey included data on roughly 2600 trees.

This information has been used to refine the alternatives and for the development of tree protection guidelines and conceptual landscape plans for the affected parklands. We are currently bringing the 188th Street bridge through preliminary design and NYCDPR permitting, and will continue through Advanced Detail Plans, Final Plans, Specifications and Estimates.

GCP and Clearview Expressway Rehabilitation of 8 Bridges, Landscape and Arborist Services

Location: Queens, NY

Client: New York State Department of Transportation